Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring

Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring



Original Parts

Most of the parts of TAYLOR WITH RESPECT are original parts.
The frames of TAYLOR WITH RESPECT are designed to be worn for the long term and with great care. Therefore, parts of the frames should be updated for the best.

  • 01.Brand Initial-designed End Pieces

    Capable of bearing a structure load. The heavy load is applied to end pieces from top and bottom and left and right because they connect the front part and temples of the frame.

  • 02.Cloud Pad

    Cloud pad is the original form and it feels more smooth and soft to the touch. This design of the pad reduces the stress and pad marks on the skin, and creates a more comfortable and floating feel.

  • 03.The Fastening Screw

    The fastening screw and the end pieces are manufactured by an integrated molding press to prevent damage caused by the long-term use. The integrated molding press improves the precision of parts and holds the strength, and it will be more smooth for parts to be replaced.

  • 04.Titanium Bridge

    The pipe for a screw is normally soldered, but the pipe is integrated into the bridge part. This original bridge enables the frame to be durable.

  • 05.Sparta Hinge

    The sparta hinge is manufactured by the same three-dimensional data. Consequently, the hinge is less subject to deviations and extremely precise when it's cut. The sparta hinge prevents the temple ends from hitting the frame when you hold the frame.

  • 06.Temple End

    The brand's initial logo is engraved on the temple end. We take the weight balance of the temple ends with the front into account, so that lightness of the frame seems to be realized.

  • dome Col.02 Damaged Gold

  • sole Col.06 Damaged Gold

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