Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring

Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring



Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is necessary not only for preservation of the material but also for well tailored eyewear.
We have various surface treatments other than gradation or damaged colors.

  • Gradation

    Gradation colors are made by hand. The most difficult technique and mass production is impossible. Long years of experience and skills are required. The craftsman puts the frame into stain and makes various gradation colors.

    diadema Col.03 Navy & Gold Gradation

  • Stippling

    A pattern is engraved on the surface by laser using dots. It is more durable than printing.
    The first experiment in the eyewear industry.

    mimic Col.05 Camouflage Titanium

  • Damaged

    A noble metal is plated on a different color's noble metal, and the surface is damaged by the special technique. The damaged colors are made of the two layers of metal plates.

    sole Col.06 Damaged Gold

  • MSI

    The technique for heat dyeing a dyeing material on a resin film. Partial dyeing is possible so that various color combinations can be made. Craftsmen can dye evenly so that the transparent and thin colors are made.

    phi Col.01 Black Wine & Gold

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