Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring

Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring



Joy to wear good tailoring

TAYLOR WITH RESPECT is an eyewear brand for people who have strong preferences for eyewear.
We provide a comfortable life with eyewear that quality, function and beauty are combined at a higher level.

Finding better value

We are always searching for the production of eyewear with high quality. We search for quality, function, and beauty at a high level. In order to accomplish this goal, it is important to keep the balance of three elements. If you seek strength, beauty will be lost. If you seek comfortability, strength will be lost. If you seek beauty, comfortability will be lost. We adjust these three elements at a high level and create convincing eyewear. We develop our brand by observing and improving selection of materials, structure, size, form, process of manufacturing and fitting all related to eyewear.

High quality recognized after long usage.
Comfortable feeling by wearing
Beauty found by owning

We think good tailoring means users will feel high quality, comfortability and beauty when they wear.
Quality, function, and beauty are all important and we have done each job with great care and commitment.

We are proud that all parts of the frames are all made in Japan. We are also proud that we have a true partnership with tailors (contributors for our brand) who share the ideal vision for eyewear.
TAYLOR WITH RESPECT's 「RESPECT」is named to respect all the people who contribute to our brand who are「Taylor」.

An important item and always close to you. Good life with good tailoring made by TAYLOR WITH RESPECT

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