Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring

Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring



Satoshi WAKI

Sowell Co., Ltd. CEO
Eyewear Designer

Born in 1972 in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Raised in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture
B.A. in Arts and Crafts and M.A. from Kanazawa College of Art
Since 2000 he has planned designs for well-known brands domestically and overseas, planned designs for the original house brand of an eyeglass planning design company, planned designs for domestic and foreign famous brands, and worked in production management and sales for large-scale eyeglasses business plans. His eyewear designs have also received awards at eyeglasses exhibitions and are featured in a collection at a museum in Fukui Prefecture. He is currently a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University in the Department of Product Communication. There he was in charge of the eyewear design course, which was a required subject last term.

Sowell Co., Ltd.
4-1-3, shimonodacho, Sabae,
Fukui, 916-0073, JAPAN

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