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Castor and pollux with different front designs are named after twins in Greek Mythology. The front is Boston design. The rim is designed to obscure the thickness of lenses. The closing blocks near the bridge are integrated into the front part. This is a unique processing method in the world. Pollux is a simple and elegantly tailored model.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Boston
  • Brown
  • Damaged
  • Gradation
  • Green
  • Metal
  • Red

Titanium / ꞵ Titanium

  • 01. Mat Damaged Black & Grey Gradation

  • 02. Mat Damaged Brown & Grey Gradation

  • 03. Mat Damaged Wine & Grey Gradation

  • 04. Mat Damaged Navy & Grey Gradation

  • 05. Mat Damaged Khaki & Grey Gradation

  • 06. Black & Gold Gradation

  • Dimensions:

    Size: 47□18-144
    Height: 40.4
    Lens Curve: 3C

  • Weight:


  • Material:

    Front: Taitanium
    Temples: β Titanium
    Clings: Titanium
    Pads: Titanium
    Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge

  • Surface

    Col.01: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
    Col.02: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
    Col.03: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
    Col.04: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
    Col.05: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
    Col.06: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing

    End Pieces
    Col.01: Electrodeposition Coating
    Col.02: Electrodeposition Coating
    Col.03: Electrodeposition Coating
    Col.04: Electrodeposition Coating
    Col.05: Electrodeposition Coating
    Col.06: Noble Metal Plating

    Col.01: Titanium
    Col.02: Titanium
    Col.03: Titanium
    Col.04: Titanium
    Col.05: Titanium
    Col.06: Noble Metal Plating

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