Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring

Taylor with Respect, Reconstruction of Tailoring

Brand Collection

Original Leather Case

Pueblo is the premium leather made by Badalassi Carlo tannery in Florence, Italy. Pueblo is made by the traditional vachetta process. In the process, each cow hide tanned with vegetable tannin is slowly greased using hoof oil. The oil doesn't permeate the leather easily so that the oil stays longer and the leather doesn't get dry fast. Over time, the fluffy surface of Pueblo will develop a beautiful and unique patina. Made-to-order product.

  • 01. Dark Brown

  • 02. Navy

  • 03. Black

  • 04. Red

  • 05. Khaki

Weight: 78g
Size: 178×70×50
Leather made by Badalassi Carlo tannery in Italy.
Made in Japan

Flip Up Sunglasses

Flip up sunglasses for both released in 2020 AW collection. The lens are polarized lens to cut the harmful mixed light for eyes and to reduce the eye strain. The colors are three colors.

  • 01. Metal: Antique Gold / Lens: Brown

  • 02. Metal: Antique Silver / Lens: Gray

  • 03. Metal: Gunmetal / Lens: Green

Chamois Leather Cloth

Many artists and meisters use the chamois leather to take care of their own tools. The Ultra fine skin fibers composed of entwined collagen wipe off dirt,water,oil, dirt from hand stains. Most people who use it for the first time are surprised by the ability of chamois leather compared to a general cleaning cloth. Pure deer skin chamois leather has been oil-tanned to give it to a suede-like finish. It has high water resistance and can be washed by water, which is rare for leather products, so it can be used many times with a simple hand wash. The material is from Nara and it has a nationwide share of over 95% for shipping deer leather. Deer skin with a smooth texture has excellent flexibility and strength and it does not get stuffy and retain odors. Since ancient times in Japan, deer leather has been combined with various fabrics as the lining. It has been loved as a folk art.

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