taylor with respect


S-lined Temples

TAYLOR WITH RESPECT suggests the S-lined temples flexibly curved. The in-curved temples reduce the space between your temple and the frame, which creates the refined design of the frame. The form of R is also designed for being difficult to damage.


Brand Initial-designed end Pieces

Capable of bearing a structure load. The heavy load is applied to end pieces from top and bottom and left and right because they connects the front part and temples of the frame. The brand initial "T" is designed for dispersing the load. The supporting point which temples apply the load to is shifted slightly inside to disperse the load.

The Fastening Screw Made by The Intergrated Press

The fastening screw and the end pieces are manufactured by the integrated press to prevent it from damage caused by the long-term use. The integrated press improves the precision of parts and hold the strength, and it will be more smooth for parts to be replaced.


Original Titanium Pads

Each left and right pad has the different form, and they are made of titanium.The screw holes are integrated into the pads, so that the pads are strong to the damage. A brand initial letter is carved into the pad.


Naturally Streamlined Form from The Front of The Frame to Temples

The frames are well tailored when they are particular about the details. The upper part for the front is cut in order to match a tilt of the temples.


Original Sparta Hinge

Stress-free and smooth open and close of the temples. One-barrel and two-barrel are manufactured severally for a general hinge. As a result, slightly shift might be caused when the parts are attached. But the sparta hinge is cut from an original metal material by the same three-dimensional data. Consequently, the hinge is less subject to deviations and extremely precise when it's cut. The sparta hinge is capable of more smooth open and close of the temples and less loads, and high durability.


Temple End

The temple end is designed simply and the brand initial letter is carved. The temple end is also designed to be naturally integrated with the streamline of the temples. We take the weight balance of the temple ends with the front into account, so that lightness of the frame seems to be realized.

A serial number is stamped on the temple end.

About Sabae

Sabae, Fukui Prefecture: a world-class city for eyeglasses. So Well runs its production here. Population: 69,000. There are three main local industries: eyeglasses frames, lacquerware, and fiber.One in six people is involved in the eyeglasses industry.
Taylor with respect is tailored by skills and experience cultivated in Sabae throughout its history.

Special Thanks to
Miyashita Opt Make / Makoto Optical / Max / Biso Japan