taylor with respect


The first new model for the 3rd anniversary of Taylor with respect. The front shape is authentic Wellington. This model is a combination frame for unisex. The model name originates from improving the existing parts as if a bird or animal molted, and it lost feathers or hair so that new ones could grow. The new double S-line temples have accomplished durability and flexibility as a result of exploring the measurement of cross-section. The new design of the temples provides better look and more comfort at the higher level.

01 / Black & Gold Gradation

02 / Dameged Navy

03 / Brown & Gold Gradation

04 / Damaged Gold

05 / Black Gradation

Titanium / βTitanium/Acetate

¥43,000 -(税抜)

Dimentions: Size: 47□20-143
Height: 39.2
Lens Curve: 3C
Weight: 12.0g
Material: Front: Titanium
End Pieces: Titanium
Temples: β Titanium/Acetate
Clings: Titanium
Pads: Titanium
Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge
C01,C03: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C02: Electrodeposition Coating
C04: Noble Metal Plating
C05: Ion Plating

End Pieces
C01,C02: Electrodeposition Coating
C03,C04: Noble Metal Plating
C05: Ion Plating

C01,C03,C04: Noble Metal Plating
C02: Electrodeposition Coating
C05: Ion Plating