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Crown panto was popular in France from 1940s to 1950s. Diadema’s front shape is crown panto. Generally speaking, the center of gravity of crown panto tends to be low. However, the frame’s design is adjusted to uplift the center so that the frame looks well-balanced.
In order to reduce the burden from the frame to lens, we reconsider the existing metal press process, and develop more suitable design. One of the brand policy is to improve the parts even if they are invisible when we find the improvement necessary as the function of the eyewear.
Diadema means the gold headband which is the origin of crown.

01 / Black & Gold

02 / Black & Silver Gradation

03 / Navy & Gold Gradation

04 / Bordeaux & Gold Gradation

05 / Black Gradtion

Titanium /β Titanium

¥38,000 -(税抜)

Dimensions: Size: 49□20-144
Height: 43.1
Lens Curve: 4C
Weight: 19.1g
Material: Front: Titanium
End Pieces: Titanium
Temples: β Titanium
Clings: Titanium
Pads: Titanium
Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge
C01-C04: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C05: Ion Plating

End Pieces
C01-C04: Noble Metal Plating
C05: Ion Plating

C01-C04: Noble Metal Plating
C05: Ion Plating