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Fuse is the model combines celluloid and titanium, which is the very rare combination in the eyewear industry. Celluloid is the oldest natural synthetic resin material in history. Titanium has been used for the first time since 1980s for the eyewear here in Japan. The combination of titanium and celluloid is the first experiment for the brand. 
Both materials are durable and celluloid is stronger than acetate. The original titanium parts for the bridge and the end piece are durable because the pipes of the screws are made of one piece of titanium. The eye shape is boston shape and the front made by celluloid has more gentle impression than metal.

01 / Black

02 / Navy

03 / Khaki wine

04 / Brown sasa

05 / Clear

Titanium /β Titanium

¥38,000 -(税抜)

Dimensions: Size: 50□20-144
Height: 42.4
Lens Curve: 4C
Weight: 17.9g
Material: Front: Celluloid
Bridge: Titanium
End Pieces: Titanium
Temples: β Titanium
Clings: Titanium
Pads: Titanium
Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge
C01-C05: Noble Metal Plating

End Pieces
C01-C05: Noble Metal Plating

C01-C05: Noble Metal Plating