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The model name “auth” originates from the word “Authentic”. The front part of auth is made of a piece of titanium, which pressed several times to form the front part. Generally speaking, end pieces tend to deteriorate over time. End pieces of auth are screwed because the parts are easily replaceable. Compared with sole, lens height is high and size is one size bigger than sole. Rims around lenses are designed to be thin and delicate. Temples are made of βtitanium to have the flexible function.

Col.01 is based on the damaged color. The black gradation is colored on the damaged color. The combination of the damaged color and the gradation color is the industry first technique.

01 / Black & Damaged Gold Gradation

02 / Black & Damaged Silver

03 / Brown & Gold Gradation

04 / Mat Black

05 / Navy & Gold GradationNEW!

Titanium / β Titanium

Dimensions: Size: 49□20-144
Height: 42.4
Lens Curve: 4C
Weight: 18.0g
Material: Front: Titanium
End Pieces: Titanium
Temples: β Titanium
Clings: Titanium
Pads: Titanium
Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge
Closing Block:Titanium
C01- C03,C05: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C04: Electrodeposition Coating

End Pieces
C01,C02,C05 Noble Metal Plating
C03,C04: Ion Plating

C01,C02,C05 Noble Metal Plating
C03,C04: Ion Plating