Cutting rim is applied to Bagua as well as trim. Cutting rim is the technique of making the shape by cutting the edge of the rim. The outline of the front is octagon, but inside shape is boston shape so that Bagua doesn’t look unusual so much.

Col.01 is based on the damaged gold and the black gradation is colored on the top.
Col.02,03,04 are based on the gold color which suits skin colors. Each fine gradation colors are colored by electrodeposition on the gold color. The size of the front is one size bigger than trim.

01. Black & Dameged Gold Gradation

02. Navy & Gold Gradation

03. Bordeaux & Gold Gradation

04. Brown & Gold Gradation

Titanium / β Titanium

Dimensions: Size: 49□21-144
Height: 42.4
Lens Curve: 4C
Weight: 16.1g
Material: Front: Titanium
Temples: β Titanium
Clings: Titanium
Pads: Titanium
Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge
Closing Block:Titanium
Col.01: Titanium
Col.02: Titanium
Col.03: Titanium
Col.04: Titanium

Col.01: β Titanium
Col.02: β Titanium
Col.03: β Titanium
Col.04: β Titanium