The front of PLURAL is structured by pressed rim and original bridge, and the frame is all made of titanium. PLURAL is designed by the measurement and process techniques of one one-hundredth. Brand logo is engraved in the original pads and the end pieces suggest the brand initial letter. The front shape is boston type.

01. Antique Silver

02. Black & Gold

03. Black & Silver

04. Gradation Brown & Gold Gradation

05. Wine & Gold Gradation

06. Damaged Gold

Titanium / Beta Titanium

Dimensions: Size: 48 □ 20-144
Height: 40.4
Lens Curve: 4C
Weight: 20.1g
Material: Front: Titanium
Bridge: Titanium
End Pieces: Titanium
Temples: β Titanium
Clings : Titanium
Pads: Titanium
Hinge: Integrated Sparta Hinge
Treatment :
C01: Noble Metal Plating Antique
C02: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C03: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C04: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C05: Electrodeposition Coating + Dyeing
C06: Noble Metal Plating

End Pieces:
C01,02,04,05,06: Noble Metal Plating
C03: Ion Plating

C01,02,04,05,06: Noble Metal Plating
C03: Ion Plating